The 10 members building committee met for the second time this past Tuesday evening.  At the early stages, we are discussing our needs and interviewing architects and general contractors  who may present proposals for our review.  Additionally, a preliminary timeline has been created to guide our team through the upcoming milestones required in the process of our project. Once these documents have been revised we will be sharing that information with the congregation to make sure you all know where we are in the process. As we progress over the next few weeks and months there will be regular information as well as structured “town hall” meetings to update and get feedback. In the meantime please feel free to write our group with any questions regarding our expansion project at and we will respond to questions as we have the proper information as a response to everyone.

Thanks you for you continued prayers as we navigate this process to expand and enhance our ministry and mission in Gateway and beyond.

Janet Laden – Communication Liaison for the Building Committee
Tommy Duda – Co-chair
Ken Hauer – Co-chair

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